Mikrotik SFP Module Setup

Plug in SFP module and connect DSL cable connected

Set DHCP client on mikrotik to SFP1 port this can be done on quickset or via DHCP Client menu *if VPI/VCI and or PPPOE is required see A1*.

Allow anywhere between 30s to 15m for line sync.

That’s it! (you can add eth1 to bridge and use as LAN port

Below is a default setting of VPI/VCI. These are the most common combinations and will be supported by default.


Setup a VLAN interface, assign the a VLAN ID that corresponds with the table above and set the interface as the SFP port the modem is in (I named my SFP1 VDSL and VLAN Encapsulation).



 Use VLAN interface as DHCP client to sync.

 IF PPPOE is required, assign VLAN interface into PPPOE client, don’t forget to put in the username and password details.