2FA Setup

To setup 2FA for a user:

  • Go to their company admin portal
  • Go to users
  • Active Users
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Find the user and make sure it is set to enforced
  • Remote into the client machine
  • Open an incognito browser and go to portal.office.com
  • Sign into their account
  • It should say “requires additional verification” (if it doesn’t, close the browser and try again)
  • Make sure they download the 2FA app (Microsoft Authenticator, make sure they get the right one and the icon matches)
  • Tell them to allow notifications, then open the app
  • Get them to tap plus, add work or school account, QR Code
  • Get them to scan the QR code in their incognito browser
  • After it is scanned, hit next
  • This will send a code to their phone and display it on their screen, get them to enter the code into their phone
  • This will then confirm the 2FA setup and it’ll be all done